New Tech for Ancient Sport - InterActive Bocce

What we do

We design customized turnkey interactive systems for retail spaces, restaurants,  private companies, special events, hospitals, physical therapy facilities, airports, or any space that would benefit from a uniquely engaging and entertaining way to make an impact on visitors. ​Floor projections, wall projections, video walls,  or single monitor systems, are each designed to fit your space, your budget and your vision.

Interactive Technology

Our interactive systems can be used in many ways.

As Entertainment our systems engage and promote physical activity for one or more people without the need for additional infrastructure and can be updated with new interactions easily.


As a Marketing tool your branding can be integrated into our system creating a unique and dynamic interaction between a customer and your product boosting sales and awareness.


For Healthcare environments these systems provide a fun way to encourage movement. This can be the wave of an arm or a small turn of the head.  As there is no need to touch the interactive surface these systems do not transmit germs from one user to the next.


Our InterActive systems also bring a new visual dimension to live Performance allowing real time choreography between movement, form and light.

Types of 

Interactive areas can be large or small and can be created on floors, walls, windows, cars or nearly any surface.  We create these areas using  projectors, or video walls, or single monitors. Systems can be permanently placed in an area or we have mobile systems that can be moved easily. We recently designed a new system that can be placed at a patients bedside to provide often needed distraction while promoting physical movement.

Interactive Projection USA, Shriners hospital, Child care
Interactive Projection USA, custom, Patient Care, Physical Therapy

Custom Interactions

We create customized interactions to meet your specific needs. InterActions can be built from the ground up, or we can modify existing templates to feature your logo and graphics. 

From the creation of whimsical 3d animals and landscapes, to incorporating iconic brand names into a new game, each of our InterActions are designed to educate, entertain, or just add some joy to the day. Often we get to do all three!